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According to the French Minister of Health, five million people residing in France suffer from some form of handicap. Two of the five million are physically disabled. INSEE, the national institute of statistical and economic information, claim that there are twenty-three million people affected in France. Other sources claim:

– 7 million with hearing impairment (11%)
– 1.7 million with sight impairment (3%)
– 7.7 million with motor disability (13.5%)
– 2.8 million physically disabled (4.9%)
– 1.5 million mentally disabled (2.6%)

The importance of how a guest is greeted and made feel welcome in the hotel, and the somewhat unexpected issues that may arise when receiving a person with a disability, triggered off the desire to boost the awareness of our hotel staff. From physically how you greet the person, when through lack of experience or when taken by surprise, the employee may feel at a loss, to humanely and professionally showing hospitality to all our residents.

While Hôtel Novel was being refurbished in 2012, particular attention was paid to the importance of having an infrastructure adapted to accommodate people with disabilities in the best of conditions. The hotel and restaurant have an access ramp, the wash-rooms are adapted and three of the bedrooms are suitably equipped for the disabled.